Gem & Jewelry Purchase Consultation

  • No more wasting your time dealing with pushy non-knowledgeable sales people! 
  • We are here to save you energy, time, and money by meeting in a comfortable setting (such as your home or a quiet restaurant) to discuss your needs.
  • We will  set expectations, instruct you on the basics, and walk you through the decision making process at your pace, not that of a salesperson you don't know.
  • Once we have our plan in place, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy what's meant to be enjoyed, not stressed over!
  • Say goodbye to "buyer's remorse"; We're going to  match your wants to your budget!

Estate & Inheritance Consultation

  • Not sure what you've got in your jewelry box or vault?  We can help!  
  • Through gemological testing and appraisal, we can make recommendations based on your needs!
  • Whether you ultimately decide to keep a piece as an ongoing family heirloom or decide to sell... we will make yours an informed decision!
  • Relying on pawn shops almost always results in the seller walking away with less than a fair deal;  We will help you understand what you have so you can find your best buyer with less regret!  We'll provide supporting documentation and even handle photography of the item as a testament for auction and online postings!

Assess Condition, Advise Repair & Clean

  • We know you love wearing your jewelry!  You wear it all the time!  Maybe you've been given an heirloom piece... Ohhh-la-la!  
  • But first, let's do a quick polish and cleaning... You're wearing it as an attention getter, so why wear it mucked-up or looking anything less than pristine? Make an appointment and we'll get it done while you wait! Silver, gold, platinum... we'll make it shine!
  • We'll even show you how to clean it regularly  on your own!  
  • Jewelry can wear down with time... settings (such as prongs) can shift, stones can become abraded, scratched, or chipped.  Knowledge is power... you need to know what condition your collection is in so you can keep it in top form!  We'll keep you informed!

Independent Appraisal Services

  • No ulterior motives here. We independently assess and appraise your gem & jewelry collection for your peace-of-mind, for property insurance requirements, and as a testament of estimated value to suit your own needs should you be interested in  gifting or selling your pieces to others.  

Exquisite Artisanal Pieces

  • Occasionally, we design and create one-of-a-kind silver and gold pieces.
  • If you like our wearable artwork, we are commission-based and may be hired to create a piece just for you using new materials or stones from your existing pieces!

Fine Jewelry at a Fair Price

Need a simple engagement ring?  A not-so-simple one?  How about a pair of earrings or a new chain for a pendant?  We'll have access to many items and can special order them for you at a reasonable price.  Since these items are not produced by us, we will consult you and provide solutions to your concerns before and after your purchase. Let's sit down face-to-face, browse, and find what YOU want!